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Address Intersection of Shaoyang Avenue and Baodong Road, Shuangqing District, Shaoyang City, China
Tel: +86-739-5502258(International Trade Department)
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Wang Zongbin 13973567236
Yan kai 15973906666
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Du Haidong 13707390565
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Ding Zhiwu 15842985667
Jiao Xiaojun 13873982918

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[Invitation Letter] Shaoyang Textile Machinery Company has an appointment with you and is waiting for you at Booth H5D11 of the Shanghai International Textile Machinery Exhibition in China!

Time: 23-11-14

With less than a week to go before the China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition 2022, Shaoyang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Shaoyang Textile Machinery”) is struggling to prepare for the exhibition and is ready to go. Shaoyang Textile Machinery sincerely invites friends to visit our booth! We hope this on-site exhibition and negotiation are more efficient.

There is an eco-friendly, digital and intelligent new type of M5473 stenter prototype for knitting fabric and a complete set of chemical fiber equipment sample book at booth H5—D11 at this exhibition of our company. Shaoyang Textile Machinery will continue to make innovation in energy saving and emission reduction, efficient production processes, and digitization. This model has a very high degree of intelligence and automation, and can be remotely monitored, debugged and software upgraded through the network; it can be operated on-site using a touch screen, or it can view the operation through a mobile phone APP to perform logic programming and fully control the entire shaping process automatically; It also has the built-in exhaust system, natural indirect heating system and the damper bypass system with high temperature control accuracy and uniform temperature in the drying room, so it can achieve low tension and constant tension to ensure the stability of the fabric weight. The process execution system of the shaping machine built through big data, process Internet and artificial intelligence technology can effectively reduce the operational workload, lower production costs and improve production efficiency.

Focusing on high-end manufacturing, innovative services, and green intelligence, Shaoyang Textile Machinery will show the latest R&D products and design and manufacturing concepts of company to customers; Through jointly discussing advanced equipment and solutions to extend to the high-end section of the industrial chain value chain, we work to promote the realization of high-quality development of textile machinery. From November 19th to 23rd, we will wait for you at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, China!

Add: Intersection of Shaoyang Avenue and Baodong Road, Shuangqing District, Shaoyang, Hunan, China  Fax: +86-739-5324671  Tel: +86-739-5502258(International trade dept.)