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Summarizing Work, Finding Shortcomings, and Clarifying the Direction of Efforts -- Hengtian Heavy Industry Holds a Special Session on Marketing Work

Time: 23-10-27

On October 25, Hengtian heavy Industry Marketing theme meeting was held in Shaoyang Textile Machinery. The purpose of this marketing work special meeting is to summarize the marketing situation in the first three quarters, find deficiencies, analyze problems, arrange and deploy the next step of work, organize and mobilize various units and the vast number of cadres and workers to seize opportunities, forge ahead, and meet the annual business goals of the bid. In the fourth quarter, we will win the whole year, build a strong unified marketing system, enhance marketing ability, and promote the healthy and stable development of enterprises. Lu Hongbin, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Hengtian heavy Industry, Li Xinqi, member of the party committee and deputy general manager, Wang Shaoping, member of the party committee and chief engineer, a total of more than 20 people attended the meeting. Wang Yuwen, Minister of Marketing of Hengtian heavy Industry, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, the Marketing Department first reported the progress of the construction of the joint sales platform of Hengtian heavy Industry, analyzed the difficulties and urgent problems in the implementation of the joint sales platform at the present stage, and publicized and implemented the measures for the Management of overseas Project Commission of Hengtian heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Then, Shaoyang Textile Machinery, Handan Hongda, Zhengzhou Huayun Company and the product division of Hengtian heavy Industry headquarters respectively reported from the aspects of operating index, "two gold" pressure control, product sales, market analysis, next step business index forecast and so on.

After the report of various enterprises and product departments, Wang Shaoping pointed out: first, to actively promote the construction of a unified marketing system; second, to do a good job in unified marketing information management around major customers and large projects; third, quality management should implement the "top leader" responsibility system, and "top leaders" must pay attention to quality in person. Fourth, all enterprises and product departments must further clarify the direction of product research and development and scientific and technological development in the future, and strive for the market initiative.

In his speech at the meeting, Li Xinqi stressed: first, to build a unified marketing system, we must adhere to the systematic concept, focus on long-term coordinated planning, strengthen forward-looking thinking, overall planning, strategic layout, and overall promotion; second, Hengtian heavy Industry headquarters, Shaoyang Textile Machinery and Handan Grand should integrate resources, form a joint force, and establish an effective marketing system. Third, we must share information, coordinate up and down, and take effective measures to improve market competitiveness; fourth, we must focus on new product research and development, strengthen the research and development of new products, and strengthen the optimization and improvement of technological process; fifth, we must improve the ability to identify and solve problems, and improve the ability to transform the "problem list" into the "achievement list". Sixth, we must strengthen the cultivation of the comprehensive quality of marketing personnel and build a professional marketing team to meet the requirements of the new era, so as to lay a solid foundation for doing a good job in marketing work.

At the end of the meeting, Lu Hongbin stressed in his concluding speech that it is very important to hold this marketing work special meeting near the end of the year to sum up experience, find deficiencies, and make clear the direction of efforts. According to the market changes and the needs of enterprise development, the establishment of Hengtian heavy industry joint sales platform is an important measure to comprehensively enhance the company's marketing ability, expand the company's product market share and enhance the core competitiveness of the market. Lu Hongbin puts forward the following requirements on how to do a good job in marketing work in the future: first, it is necessary to improve the political position, have a deep understanding of the severe international and domestic economic situation faced by enterprises, and make an in-depth analysis of the various challenges faced by the company's marketing work. in view of the existing problems and deficiencies, unify thinking, build consensus, and make every effort to promote integrated marketing management. Comprehensively enhance the complete set of sales functions, contract quality and overall market competitiveness of the enterprise. Second, it is necessary to improve the ability to analyze and judge the domestic and foreign market situation, turn the blade inward, identify the right problems, continuously optimize the management strategy, and constantly improve the ability of marketing planning and marketing execution. We should not only seek to enter the domestic market steadily, but also continue to expand the international market. Third, it is necessary to take effective measures to train and bring up more "elite soldiers" on the marketing front and create an "iron army" that dares to shine, compete, and win. Fourth, all marketing personnel should enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, give full play to their subjective initiative, take the initiative to jump out of the comfort zone, open up new markets and new racing tracks, constantly achieve self-breakthroughs, grab orders and sign more contracts, so as to create good conditions for the development of enterprises.The fifth is to fully implement the economic assessment mechanism system, to implement the "horse racing mechanism" in the marketing system, give full play to the resource advantages of each enterprise and each product division, improve market share and product competitiveness, achieve rigid assessment and rigid cash, guide the formation of "10,000 horses galloping" to run the market, grasp the new situation of orders, and constantly stimulate the vitality and vitality of enterprise reform and development. Sixth, it is necessary to focus on product quality and after-sales service, strictly control the quality of contracts, effectively prevent business risks, and win the trust of customers with high quality and good reputation. Seventh, it is necessary to further promote lean production and fine management, increase the pressure drop of the "two gold", achieve the courage to take responsibility, self-pressure, scientific management and control, constantly improve the profitability of the enterprise, ensure the completion of the annual business objectives and tasks, and contribute to the revitalization of the textile machinery and the high-quality development of enterprises.

Before the meeting, the participants visited the history of Shaoyang Textile machinery factory showroom and production site, to understand the development history of Shaoyang textile machinery, product types, corporate culture and production site.

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